July 22, 2024, 7:38 pm
October 28, 2010:
Sorry, had some problems with my php.ini. Problem's fixed now! Thanks Nikita for the notice!

May 27, 2010:
Sorry, had some problems upgrading from PHP 5 to PHP 5.2, thus the files couldn't be downloaded. Problem's fixed now! Start downloading again :P

December 21, 2009:
Merry Christmas to everyone who was interested in my approach. I'm glad to help and it's really interesting to see who uses my script. Keep on emailing ;-)

July 13, 2009:
With the developed script "OWL from UML" it is possible to transform an existing UML class diagram
into a valid OWL DL document. Thereby, all UML concepts are maintained and transformed. The transformation keep the semantic.

Furthermore, no adjustments or additional enrichments (e.g. through stereotypes) are neccessary.
Transformations can be made in minutes.

Every modelled data or information (or knowledge if you want) is transformed and maintained and
the resulting OWL DL document can be used e.g. as common basis for application integration.

In addition, a second script was developed: "OWL with UML" permitts UML-based ontology modelling.
Therefore, some UML elements got new semantics and an UML profile was defined. With the provided script it is then an easy work of minutes to transform the modelled ontology (in UML) into
a valid OWL DL document.

April 20, 2009:
To Eric: Please make sure your email inbox is empty. It's not possible to send you my master thesis: MAIL-FAILURE!

To all: It's not the first time, that someone send me an email and I wasn't able to respond due to inbox megabyte restrictions!
April 07, 2009:
My website is online for nearly two years by now.

There are more and more emails coming from all over the world. India, Brazil, France, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden...., and so on.

Please still feel free to contact me, if you have trouble to transform UML diagrams to OWL documents.
But do read the "help" and "documentation" page.

I found a project, which links to mine so here is the link back : OWL2XMIOWL2XMI project, transforming OWL documents to XMI files.

Have fun!
October 12, 2008:
After breakdown of website, I made a few changes and got the site running again.
This page now passes the W3C formal validation.

Nice to know: I receive more and more emails from people who are interessted in my approach.
I really like to help and to see my work spread the world :P. So I encourage you again to write my an email, if there are any questions or if you need any help in transforming UML to OWL.

And: I always appreciate feedback :-)
April 10, 2007:
New documentation information added.

April 09, 2007:
Website online.
My master thesis was done in August 2006 and this site provides the developed XSLT scripts and documentation how to use them.

Please feel free to contact me for help, errors and suggestions.

sebastian ::at:: ooyoo ::dot:: de

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