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...the scripts:
Both scripts were developed by Sebastian Leinhos as a part of his master thesis 2006 titled "OWL ontology extraction and modelling from and with UML class diagrams - a practical approach".

The master thesis deals with the transformation of UML class diagrams into an OWL ontology. Therefore mapping rules for each UML element were made. Each UML 2.0 element can be transformed into an OWL concept. The master thesis in german language is available on the download pagedownload page.

A detailed description about which UML concept is transformed into which OWL concept can be found on the download pagedownload page. Installation advices and the use of the scripts are described on the documentation pagedocumentation page. For any further help, problems or suggestions please feel free to contact me. Please find my email adress on the contact pagecontact page.

...the thesis (Diplomarbeit):
Please feel free to quote my work. Use this (in german language):
Leinhos, S. (2006): OWL Ontologieextraktion und -modellierung auf der Basis von UML Klassendiagrammen. Entwicklung zweier pragmatischer Ansätze zur automatischen Transformation. Diplomarbeit. Universität der Bundeswehr München. München.

Or this (in english language):
Leinhos, S. (2006): OWL ontologyextraction from UML class diagrams and UML-based ontology modelling. A practical approach to an automatic transformation. Diplomarbeit. University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich. Munich.

...the author:
I graduated high school (german Abitur) in 2002 at the AFNORTH International School in Brunssum (Netherlands).
In October 2003 I started studying information management at the University of the Federal Armed Forces of Germany in Munich. To complete my degree I wrote my master thesis concerning the topic mentioned above. In december 2006 I graduated University and received my german "Diplom" ("Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker") which can be compared to the degree of "Master of Information Management".

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