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General informations
The goal of the first script "OWLfromUML.xsl" was to maintain every modelled data. The generated OWL ontology should reflect everything of the class diagram. Therefore every UML element must be transformed. Fig. 1 represents this thougt. The orange part stands for the transformation.

Fig. 1 - OWL describing UML

The goal of the second script "OWLwithUML.xsl" was to modell every OWL concept with the help of UML elements. Ontologies should be modelled UML-based. Therefore only the UML elements must be transformed, which are n neccessary to modell an ontology. Fig. 2 represents this thought. The orange part stands for the transformation.

Fig. 2 - UML describing OWL

OWL with UML (UML-based ontology modelling)
An example ontology was given in Antoniou/van Harmelen (2004) about african wildlife. With the developed UML profile (UFO-Profile = UML for OWL profile) it is possible to modell exactly this ontology. Fig. 3 shows how this ontology looks like in UML. To transform this UML model into a valid OWL DL ontology, one has to run the script "OWLwithUML.xsl". The generated ontology will look like see wildlife ontolgy this.

wildlife ontology
Fig. 3 - Wildlife Ontology - Click to enlarge

G. Antoniou and F. van Harmelen (2004) A semantic Web Primer The MIT Press.

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