July 22, 2024, 7:48 pm
  • What software do I need?

You need Poseidon for UML editor (available get Poseidon here ) or any other UML editor, which is able to create UML class diagrams and to export them into XMI 1.2.

Additonally you need an XSLT Processor (I prefer XALAN Java 2 Processor, available get XALAN here ), which transforms the XMI document into an OWL document.

  • How does the transformation work?

Please have a look on the download download site. There you'll find rules about how the transformation works.

  • How do I export my Poseidon UML class diagramm into an XMI 1.2 document?
Just use the export function of the program. For further information take a look at the help page of Poseidon for UML.

  • How do I transform my XMI document into an OWL document?
    1. Start cmd.exe
    2. Make sure you have set Java Classpath correctly
    3. Type in:
      java org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process -in xmlSource
      -xsl OWLfromUML.xsl -out outputfile

    where as xmlSource = XMI 1.2 document
    and outputfile = specified OWL DL document, which will be generated by the processor

Please feel free to contact me for help, errors and suggestions.

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